An Ode for My Potted Shrubbery

                           Mornings___ fresh from slumber

                           My gaze darts out of the bedroom window

                           To a sunlit portion in the garden where bright

                           Teeny blooms of yellow often greet me with

                           A stunning HELLO!!


                            They sway in the winds

                            Whirling, swirling to and fro.

                            Sometimes nervously shaking unwanted creepers

                            And tosses them off__

                            So much as buggers

                            And away the bugs go.

                            Yet it keeps composed

                            With its branches lined

                            In powdery green

                            Below and behind.

                            Foliage juxtaposed

                            Blossoms unopposed

                            It stands firmly in its entirety.

                            Such pleasant scene

                            Draws my inner essence

                            Cheers my wary soul

                            Soaring skyward full.

                            In a prayerful voice

                            Sing praise, thanks and glory

                            To the Creator on high

                            Who made this wee potted shrubbery.

                                                                                           Lourdes Murphy 17/03/2019.   


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