Descent of the Sound of Silence

I watched a tropical dawning sun

From a green woodland patch with

Speckles of flowering border weeds.

Nearby a grassy knoll where I sat

Flowed a shallow river

Home to small creatures_____ preys and feeders.

Every drop of leaf-clinging dew

Glittered in the early morning sun in silvery hue.

Inviting everyone to come out and be in awe

Myriads of robust cheerful dragonflies

Briskly darting, with wings a – rasping 

Hovered over here 

Hovered over there

Then in lightning- flash 

Devoured some unwary flies.

Chirping birds overhead passing

 with their crumbs or droppings.

Dragonflies laying their eggs unto the water.

Butterflies went a-coupling in the air.

Others were sipping nectar sweet

As from flower to flower they flit.

The place was with critters in number high

Of varied sizes and shapes.

They crawled over mossy stones

Or creeped inside rotting logs

Or jumped and slid into the bog.

Picking food of their own delight.

Thus for some moments this spot of nature was alive

Of clickers , chirpers and buzzers,  of squirmers and crunchers.

Of drones, hums and splashes, of rasps and crashes.

So full of chaotic sounds 

That echo anyone’s struggles for survival and joy

To which everyone is bound.

The sun rose higher and higher above the horizon

It’s benign morning warmth changed into fierce flow of noonday heat.

It signals to one and all to cease the fun 

and let all tasks be done.

And off each should go to where they find peace, comfort and rest.

Thus descends the languorous still sound of silence. Z z z z z z…

Submitted by: Lourdes Alvez.    24/03/2019 
  English 102- Prof. Michael Griffit



4 thoughts on “Descent of the Sound of Silence

  1. Lourdes, you write beautifully. I am particularly impressed that you are able to transition between prose and poetry so seamlessly. I love your ” Descent of the Sound of Silence” and it’s detailed poetic analysis of a natural setting. Well done!


  2. This is a fabulous poem Lourdes that picks up so many of the sensory details of the experience you are describing through clever word choice and a real sense of how the sounds of words capture the sounds of the experience. Great work !

    One minor change suggested:

    Thus for some moments this spot of nature was alive

    Of clickers ……

    Thus for some moments this spot of nature was alive

    With clickers ……


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