My Autumn Garden Beauty

Thrust upward to the sky

Above the wall so high,

Refreshing look of pinks and greens

Flutter full and fancy devoid of sighs.


Green ribbonettes of slender leaves and stalks___

complementing heads of dancing blooms,

beaming happily in the autumnal air

humming sweet lullabies.


Hey, come and let us play.

In dulcet tone they seem to say,

to the zealous bees a-buzzing

who are mindless of their role in seed-making.


“We’re content of the nectar oh so sweet,

O so sweet a-sipping.

Allow us to hover and flit from flower to flower

Every now and then.” So the bees say.


Their scaly legs a-gathering golden powdery pollen grains — which by water, or air, or by them__

get delivered unto the sticky stigma

down to where the egg nuclei lie.



Then the magic begins_____

Seeds! Seeds galore!!

Product of fertilised ovules,

Cuddle the embryos that offer en masse__

continuity of life!!


The birds and the winds

Disperse the seminal lives,

Into anywhere, everywhere and beyond.

The raindrops that quench the thirsty earth

Generously seep into the seeds__

Germination thus is triggered.


A plant embryo breaks through the enclosing

Seed coats in every viable seed.

It’s apical axis grows into the future delicate shoot,

while its opposite end gives rise to the root.

and the seed leaves lie twixt in the mid.



A baby plant is born!!!

A new life!!


Gives each species eternity and sprite

To form its own posterity

Akin to its beginnin’

A presage to my autumn garden beauty’s

kind of immortality.


Lourdes Murphy

English 102

Submitted to:

Prof. Michael Griffith

ACU Strathfield


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